Chilianuala, Ranikhet, District Almora Uttaranchal, India

 Through the Divine Inspiration and Blessings of Shri Haidakhan Babaji and his teachings of a life based on truth, simplicity & love and service to humanity came the duty to help the poor and needy.  Shri Babaji placed an extremely strong emphasis on Karma Yoga. A natural outcome of the emphasis on karma yoga was Babaji’s forceful and potent philosophy of social welfare. Man had to serve man to raise his physical and intellectual levels. Slowly, Baba began to disseminate the importance of caring for man’s mental and physical well being if he was to grow spiritually, and narrowed in, as a start, on the populace of the Kumaon region – a region so dear to him. 


It was in Chilianaula, [Below the hill station of Ranikhet] that Babaji began to envision and talk with a few select devotees about the need to begin a small charitable medical unit to serve the poor and the impoverished from the local and surrounding areas. Moved by the low socio-economic conditions of the Kumaon people, Babaji wanted to build and establish a comprehensive health care centre for them. This concept of charity began to take material shape soon after Babaji departed his mortal body in early 1984.


Haidakhan Vishwamahadham PO Haidakhan, District Nainital Uttarakhand, India

This small, but very active and effective rural hospital is located in Shri Haidakhan Babaji’s main ashram Haidakhan Vishwamahadham in Nanital District of India.  Established more than 10 years ago, and charging just R. 5 registration fee, the number of patients continues to increase steadily each year this also partly due to the appointment of a full-time physician and two Para-medical assistants. The amount of patients has gone up from 3,001 in the year 2003 to more than 12,000 by the end of the year 2007. Also, the continuous supply of good quality and sufficient quantity of medicines has also contributed to this. 


The patient gender ratio currently shows males in a slightly larger quantity (54% male to 46% female). Patients come in from around 20 surrounding villages, quite often walking several miles to reach the hospital. The most commonly observed illnesses relate to viral infections, with digestive disorders and orthopedic problems coming in a close second and third in that order.  The hospital is equipped in both allopathic and ayurvedic medicines and able to handle all kinds of general medical treatment, minor traumas, accidents and emergencies. From time to time The Haidakhan Hospital is host to dental and eye camps and Doctor’s from all over the world. Haidakhan is at the core of an economically and socially challenged environment, lacking basic medical amenities for miles around. With a committed doctor and support staff now on board, it has begun to offer a ray of hope to these needy people. It is hoped that assistance from the Charitable Hospital and its staff, will inspire other sources to come forward to help, cooperate and collaborate.

Bhole Baba ki Jai !!