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Bhole Baba ki Jai !!



The Shree Baba Haidakhan Charitable and Research Hospital, Chilianaula, Ranikhet, Uttarakhand, India, was the long-cherished dream of Guruji Shri Baba Haidakhan. The main objective of the hospital was to provide adequate medical facilities for the people of the Kumaon region through an integrated program of health education, immunization, early diagnosis and hospital treatment. The effort was to bring advanced medical science to this economically challenged region and improve the general quality of the life of its population.  A much-needed service in the Kumaon region is eye care.  The Hospital, apart from having a full-time eye surgeon also has a fully equipped OT service catering to eye care on a daily basis. Members of the Haidakhan Samaj worldwide are aware that the Hospital has been actively involved in efforts to eradicate cataract from the local and adjoining areas around Chilianaula. In this regard, the Hospital has been holding yearly (sometimes twice yearly) free eye camps, begun in 1998, and continuing till date.


Apart from the free eye camps, the Hospital successfully created an outreach program where the Hospital teams went out into far-flung areas of economically and socially weak sections of society and offered their services to the local residents. The teams announced their arrival in an area, requested patients to collect at a certain point, carried out eye checks for cataract surgery, picked up identified cases and brought them back to the Hospital for the required surgery. They were transferred back to their homes after the completion of the surgery. A post-surgery follow-up was also initiated for each operated case. All these operations were carried out totally free of cost to the patient. For the past more than a year these free cataract surgeries have been performed almost on a daily basis. Also, those patients who walked in but could not afford to pay for the surgery, were provided “charity services” and operated upon free of cost.


However, there has been a strong feeling that the walk-in patients who wished to opt for the cheapest lens (Re.1,500) should also be provided this free facility. It was decided by the Chairman, Shri Munirajji and the Indian Samaj Trustees, that while the high-cost paid surgery would continue, the low cost surgery would be provided free for ALL patients – walk-in, outreach or eye-camp.  This facility comes into effect with immediate effect and will be a permanent feature throughout the year.

 Now that the Hospital is successfully dealing with the problem of cataract in the region, there is need to further expand its eye-care horizons. This had not been possible until now because of lack of infra-structural facilities in the Hospital. There had been no on-campus full-time eye surgeon and the support staff had to spread itself thin to meet patient demands. However, with the induction of a full time on-campus efficient and capable eye surgeon and a fully functional support staff team, the treatment of glaucoma, an eye disease which has also been rampant amongst local residents, can now begin. Although this problem had been as prevalent as cataract, and it was felt all along that the eye care unit remained incomplete without this important segment, the treatment had not been introduced because of the above-stated reasons. This may now be introduced without further hesitation. To start the treatment of glaucoma, it has become necessary to add the required equipment and machinery to the existing facilities. The eye surgeon has provided such a list of items (mentioned below) which need to be purchased at the earliest to begin the said treatment. 

 Members of the Haidakhan family, worldwide, are aware of the almost totally charitable nature of the Hospital. It depends almost entirely for the functioning of its departments on the generous donations, both financial and material, of devotees and other philanthropic organizations and individuals. Even the now efficiently-run cataract unit was begun with a personal donation of a state-of-the-art PHACO operating machine, without which this wide-spread activity would not have been possible. Also, generous donations for free eye surgeries have helped to maintain the unit efficiently and competently.  


 On Munirajji’s behalf, I have now been delegated to APPEAL to all friends to assist the Hospital to obtain the items listed below. Only after the items are put together will the eye department begin to treat glaucoma patients. The Indian rupee figures, and their converted Euro and Dollar amounts, are mentioned along side the particular item. This will be another step towards fulfilling Babaji’s dream of creating a complete outfit for eye care in this region which will be able to reach out to other parts of the country as it spreads its efficient wings.


Alok Banerjee, Administrative Chairman

List of items INR US$ €uro
1 Humphrey visual field analyzer (Carl Zeiss) 1450000 30871 21851
2 Mitomycin – C inj – 10 vials      
3 Kelly’s Punch – 4      
4 Carl – Zeiss FRI operating microscope 475000 10113 7158
5 Applanation Tonometer (INAMI ) 67000 1426 1008
6 Anterior Vitrectomy Cutter (Appasamy) 175000 3726 2637