Patient’s Care

A large segment of the population in the Kumaon region lives in low socio-economic conditions, with an extremely poor level of health awareness. This segment is under-nourished with poor living conditions, resulting in protein calorie malnutrition, anaemia and many other connected diseases. The poor economic conditions lead to an obvious migration of the adult male population to the cities, in search of a living. A typical resident family would consist of women, children and the elderly. When medical help is required, these people are less likely to have either the family support or the means to seek assistance.  The local transport system, even though on the upswing, is still far from ideal, thereby resulting in precious time being lost when medical facilities are sought. A delay in diagnosis naturally results in high rates of morbidity and mortality, even for simple diseases. According to a national health information report, the Kumaon people have a higher than average ratio of diarrhea, duodenal ulcers, malnutrition, thyroid problems, tuberculosis, gall bladder stones, giardiasis, burns and lung malignancies, orthopedic injuries, dental caries, and cataract.